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1. Baton / Damson Cheese and Roast Peach / Yorkshire Pecorino / Durello Sparkling Spumante, Veneto, Italy (Wine Merchant Top 100)

2. Fig, Aniseed and Sesame Sourdough / Fresh Figs / Tunworth / Ch. Fesles Chenin Blanc Sec, France (IWC Silver medal 2016)

3. Light Rye / Local Heritage Tomato / Merry Wyfe / Pemo Montepulciano, Italy (IWC 2018 Commended)

4. Beetroot Bread / Beetroot Chutney / Old Winchester / Papa Giannakos Eythros, Greece (AWC Silver medal)

5. Longes de Chat / Pears poached with Chilli and Pepper / Harrogate Blue / De Bortoli Black Noble Muscat, Australia (Sydney Wine show Gold 2018/2017 & IWC Trophy winner)


Yorkshire Pecorino
This Yorkshire Pecorino Fresco (‘young Pecorino’) is only 30 days old, and like all classic Italian young cheeses is smooth, yogurty and sweet. It is made by Mario Olianas in Adel, near Leeds, West Yorkshire. Brought in up Sardinia, Mario Olianas comes from a strong family of Italian gastronomes and he started making cheese in a specially converted room within his house, following an adapted Pecorino recipe. He uses fresh sheep’s milk which he collects daily from just outside Harrogate, and cultures imported from Italy. This cheese is based on the classic Pecorino Fresco from Italy. Mario’s Yorkshire Pecorino is based on the fresco, young version of pecorino. Soft and yielding in texture it has a thin undulating rind and is aged for 30 days. Winner Great British Cheese Awards 2018.

Milk: Pasteurised Cow’s Milk Coagulant: Animal Rennet Milk Source: Bought in Milk Product Summary A Camembert-style cheese with a classically creamy and unctuous paste; flavours are vegetal, truffley and garlicky. Product Description Tunworth is made by Stacey Hedges and Charlotte Spruce in Hampshire and named after the nearby hamlet of Tunworth. The whole process is done by hand, from the cutting to the ladling; they will then be transferred to ripening rooms where they grow their mixed coats of wrinkly Geotrichum and delicate white Penicillium moulds. Super Gold British Cheese Awards 2018.

Merry Wyfe
An award-winning washed-rind cheese made with curds which are pressed and then washed in cider every other day for four weeks (hence the name ‘Merry’ Wyfe!). The cider is made from organic apples harvested on the farm. This cheese has a distinctive pungent orange (edible) rind and a rich, creamy paste. Only launched in May 2017, the “Merry Wyfe” has already won gold at three cheese awards: The World Cheese Awards, the Artisan Cheese Awards at Melton Mowbray and the Global Cheese Awards at Frome. It is an organic, pasteurised and vegetarian cheese. . Super Gold British Cheese Awards 2018.

Old Winchester
In the New Forest at Lyburn Farm, Mike and Judie Smales have created a modern British classic cheese – Old Winchester. As milk prices fell, Mike and Judie decided they needed an outlet for the milk from their 180 British Friesian cows.  Deciding to make cheese, they went on a one-day Cheddar-making course.  With this basic knowledge the Smales decided to make a Gouda-style (the curd is washed so the cheese ends up slightly more sweet): “When we started to make cheese twelve years ago, we deliberately chose not to make Cheddar for all the obvious reasons, not least there are already quite a lot of them.  So we started with a Gouda-style recipe.” Yet it turned out a bit different from expected.  But not every mistake is bad!  Instead, the amazing Old Winchester was born: a cross between Gouda, Parmesan and Cheddar.  This cheese is aged for 18-months to give it a sweet, tangy, crystallised depth.  (It is also known as Old Smales).As well as a great ‘table cheese’ Old Winchester works incredibly well as a vegetarian Parmesan replacement as it is made without animal rennet, you will often find chefs using it for vegetarian dishes. Super Gold International Cheese Awards 2018.

Harrogate Blue
Harrogate Blue is matured for a minimum of 10 weeks which is the optimum time for the cheese to develop exactly the right depth of flavour and creaminess. A hit from day one, Harrogate Blue won its first award just two weeks after launch in 2012, and was the first cheese co-produced by Katy and Caroline (Judy Bell’s daughters) after taking over the running of the dairy. It’s since scooped two golds at the Global Cheese Awards and in 2017 it won a Super Gold and was judged to be the 11th best cheese in the world at the World Cheese Awards in London. Harrogate Blue is soft, luxuriously creamy and blue-veined, delivering a mellow blue flavour with a hint of pepper to finish. Super Gold International Cheese Awards 2018.


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