Bread-Cheese-Wine is a monthly collaborative evening event hosted at the Seven Hills Bakery in Sheffield where we match bread to cheese to wine with our friends from Porter Brook Deli and StarmoreBoss.

We present 5 tasting platters throughout the evening, giving you some information about the producers in a relaxed and informal manner. We offer a mix of traditional pairings and classic flavours mixed with some more unusual combinations to keep you on your toes! Each event is like the best cheese board you’ve ever had… complimented with fresh breads and washed down with handpicked wines. At each course we give a brief explanation and some information about the individual products and ingredients all sourced from our shops. There is no need to eat your tea first – trust us, you’ll be full!

BREAD is supplied by artisan bakery Seven Hills who are into their sixth year on Sharrow Vale Road. Everything is baked in house with a focus on long fermented, sourdough products. Depending on the theme they provide everything from their everyday breads to bespoke breads, cakes, biscuits or crackers.

CHEESE is sourced and chosen by Porter Brook Deli who have been supplying Sheffield with a vast array of cheeses, cured meats and accompaniments for five years. Using local and national suppliers Porter Brook Deli source a wide variety of cheeses based around the theme. Expect to try cheeses from small producers, some things you’ve not had before and the best quality favourites.

WINE is handpicked by wine and spirit merchants StarmoreBoss. Their shop is jam packed with wines for every occasion. These themed events allow StarmoreBoss to showcase some amazing wine producers and is an opportunity to try the finest wines. Sometimes some craft beer and spirits too! Learn from the experts about grape varieties, small batch producers and terroir.