BREAD france theme – march 2018
1. Comte / Tomme De Savoire, Chestnut Bread, Tomato Compote (sharp)
France is famous for growing Chestnuts and the subtle nutty flavour is the perfect accompaniment for the cheese. We have added cooked chestnuts to our Sharrow Sourdough loaf. This bread is made up of a mix of white, wholemeal and rye flours and is made over a three day period. The first day the sourdough is refreshed, keeping the yeast and bacterias alive that leaven the dough. The next day the dough is mixed, proved and then put in the fridge to ferment overnight. In the morning of the third day the bread is baked. This long process gives sourdough the classic chewy texture and depth of flavour.
2. San Nectaire, Yorkshire Square, Mushroom Pate
Our Yorkshire Square loaf is also a sourdough, meaning that there is no yeast added, and
contains only three ingredients: flour, salt and water. The flour used to make this is grown and milled in north Yorkshire by Yorkshire Organic Millers. It is a 85% extraction so is somewhere between a white and a wholemeal flour (wholemeal being 100% of the grain!). We chose this loaf for the French theme as it is made in a similar way to the famous French bread Poilaine. It is naturally low in gluten so we prove it in a tin to give it a good crumb. It has a crumpety texture and is very moist.
3. Ossau Irati, Brioche, Fig Jam, Fresh Figs
Brioche is an enriched dough containing butter, eggs and sugar. The bread is rich, very soft and has a very light texture. You make this dough by developing the dough fully then adding the butter at the end over a long period of time, a little like the liquid when you made risotto. This allows the butter to be absorbed fully.
4. Munster, Baguette, Green Salad
No French themed evening would be complete without it! The chewy and holey texture are created by the long fermentation of the dough and its high water content. We hand roll each baguette and prove them on a linen couche – this helps them to keep their shape. They are ‘slashed’ with a razor blade to create the ‘ears’. A classic combo with a washed rind cheese.
5. Roquefort, Hot x bun
It is Easter after all! This fruited and spiced loaf is a wonderful compliment to the salty
cheese. Almost every European country has an Easter bread containing dried fruit and
spices so I don’t think would seem so out of place on a French table

1. Ogleshield, cornichons, caper berries, tomato, Baton
Our classic baguette is made over two days to give it a chewy crumb and crisp crust. It is made with a poolish, where we take 1/3 of the total flour and water mix it with a very small amount of yeast and let it ferment in the fridge overnight. This long fermentation adds flavour to the final dough.
2. Fedeira, malt/rye bread
This is a tangy mix of whole meal rye flour and malted flour. Malted flour is what is usually called granary, with malted whole grains such as barley added to wheat flour. This loaf has a close texture due to rye being naturally low in gluten. We think that the acidity and fruitiness that comes from the rye pairs with the cheese especially well.

3. Rollwright, Potato & Olive focaccia, Olives
Our focaccia is made from the same dough that we make our baguette from. The dough is coated in olive oil and toppings added before baking. This is a bit like a fancy chip butty!
4. Baron Bigod, Squash Sourdough, toasted pumpkin seeds, beetroot houmous
The base of this loaf is our white sourdough. We have added roast butternut squash, toasted pumpkin seeds and a hint of paprika. The squash makes it amazingly soft and its sweetness should enhance the earthiness of the beetroot houmous.

5. Lanark Blue, Roast apple, toasted nuts, DATE SCONE
We usually make our scones with orange in but thought that was a bit much to go with the cheese! The rich, sweet buttery flavours should contrast nicely with the saltiness of the cheese.