In light of the Covid-19 Coronavirus we have decided to suspend all Bread Cheese Wine evenings at Seven Hills Bakery for 2020. With the necessity of social distancing we do not currently think that we would be able to fulfil any of these events. If the circumstances change during this year and we can safely put on events again then we will announce a new programme.
We have been discussing ways to bring Bread Cheese Wine into your homes and will let you know via this website and our usual channels about how we plan to do this.
Keep safe.

In light of the developing situation with the Covid-19 Coronavirus it seems a prudent and sensible measure to cancel the forthcoming Bread Cheese Wine events and offer a full refund. Customer health, well-being and safety is always paramount to all our businesses and so we believe that this is the best course of action given the current circumstances.

Bread Cheese Wine is an event we put a lot of love, time and effort into and we will be going into our fifth year in April. We will continue to assess the situation in line with government and medical advice and will return when it is realistically safe to do so. In the meantime, thanks for supporting our independent businesses on Sharrow Vale Road.

Please stay safe and look out for one another.

The team at Bread Cheese Wine.

Seven Hills Bakery, Porter Brook Deli, StarmoreBoss



Bread-Cheese-Wine is a monthly collaborative event between Seven Hills Bakery, Porter Brook Deli and StarmoreBoss where we match Bread, to Cheese, to Wine with a theme for each event.