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Picos d Europa

A distinctive, maple leaf covered cheese, Made using 90% cows’ and 10% goats’ milks, with a fresh, creamy aroma, a buttery, melting texture, and nutty, mushroomy, sometimes spicy flavours. Pasteurised milk. Traditional rennet.

Sinodun Hill

The yoghurty flavour of the paste of Sinodun Hill is complemented by a delicate, almost red-fruit flavour from the rind. Its rind is wrinkly with a golden colour, often accompanied by the odd spot of white or blue mould. Sinodun Hill (pronounced ‘Sin-uh-din’, with the emphasis on the first syllable) is a lactic goat’s pyramid with a light, almost-whipped texture. It is made by a young couple, Rachel Yarrow and Fraser Norton, at the Nettlebed Estate in Oxfordshire. The Sinodun Hill has only been made since early 2016. They started out making cheese with bought-in milk. Happily, as of March 2017 Rachel and Fraser transitioned to making cheese from the milk of their own herd of goats. Although it is still very early days, we look forward to following the development of this exciting new farmhouse cheese. Raw Goat’s Milk. Vegetarian.


An unpasteurised French cheese from the Jura mountain region: smooth, mellow, nutty, and with a long finish.

From the Jura mountain region comes one of Frances’ favourite cheeses – and ours, when in the hands of Marcel Petite. Smooth, mellow, nutty and with a long finish.

Raw milk. Traditional rennet.


This cheese originates from the Mont d’Or in France (and is also known as Vacherin du Haut Doubs or Mont d’Or).  As the summer comes to an end and the air gets cooler, the cows come down the mountain and their milk becomes fattier and reduces in quantity.  These changes mean making Comté (a hard aged cheese) becomes difficult.  Hence, traditionally, a soft, rich, quick-ripening small cheese is made.  To this day the cheese can only be made seasonally between 15th August and 15th March. Raw milk. Traditional rennet.


Mellow and succulent with a sharp, fresh finish.Tom and Clare Noblet started to make cheese in 2015 on their dairy farm on the edge of the Lake District. Based on a traditional old ‘dales’ recipe of the north of England, Fellstone is aged for three months by which time it has the fresh lemony-lactic flavours of a good Wensleydale, with a supple, firmer texture. Raw milk. Traditional rennet.


Gavi Chiarlo

2. Charles Smith Velvet Devil Merlot

Garzon Albarino

Soave Suavia

5. Delaforce LBV Port






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