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1. IRISH SODA BREAD – Killeen Goats – Tomatoes – Cabernet Franc This bread is out version of the Irish classic, but using 100% Yorkshire wheat. Yorkshire Organic Millers grind a course wholemeal especially for us for use in this bread. The bread is naturally sweet because of the wholewheat and is very soft as a result of the Organic Buttermilk which is made for us, also specially, by Acorn Dairy in North Yorkshire.  There is no yeast in this bread as it is leavened by the alkaline bicarbonate of soda reacting to the acid in the buttermilk. This creates the scone like texture.

2. OATCAKES – Teifi – Plum & Date Chutney – Macon Charnay We have used pinhead oatmeal and rolled oats to make these oatcakes. They also have some dates for a little natural sweetness. Their crumbly texture really compliments the semi hard Teifi.

3. OVERNIGHT BLOOMER – Isle of Mull Cheddar – Apple –  Bordeaux We’ve tried to recreate a worker’s lunch with this course so have chosen to show the CHEESE off with our bloomer. It is ‘overnight’ because the dough is mixed in the morning and left to bulk ferment overnight before being shaped, proved and baked the following day. This long fermentation allows to put a very, very small amount of yeast in the bread and also gives it a lovely chewy texture.

4. LEEK & POTATO SOURDOUGH – Young Buck – Braised Leeks – Beaujolais Villages Our sourdoughs are made with just three ingredients: flour, water and salt. Making bread this way is very traditional. We ferment flour and water together and this leavens the bread instead of using fresh or dried yeast. The bread is made over three days as this method generally needs much longer to prove than yeasted breads. The long fermentation gives it a chewy, holey structure and slightly sour taste. We have added roast potatoes, leeks and rosemary to this white sourdough for a Welsh touch! The added starch from the potato is what gives the bread the ‘custardy’ texture.

5. LAVENDER SHORTBREAD – Caerphilly – Rhone Valley Viognier We have added dried lavender to a traditional all butter shortbread biscuit – what could be more Scottish! We hope that the floral notes will complement the zesty, lemony flavour of the cheese helping to cut through the richness.