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  1. Olive Focaccia / Ossau Irrati / Cucumber, Green Pepper and Herb Salad / Fauvre Petit Arvine (Switzerland)
  2. Fig and Sesame Sourdough / Gruyere / Fruit Chutney / Fauvre Oriou Curare (Switzerland)
  3.  Walnut Bread / Picos de Europa / Pickled Walnut / Bousquet Pinot Noir Reserve (Argentina)
  4.  Pagnotta / Toma / Vinegrette Mushroom / Baglio Nero d’Avola (Sicily)
  5.  Oaty Fruit Biscuit / Vachein / Rhubarb / Cocchi Vermouth di Torino (Italy)

Fact: Interestingly the favourite course on Wednesday was number five (23 votes), whilst on Thursday this was the least favourite course (only 3 votes).

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